The weather can be hot. Mid-day temperatures in the Amazon range from 85o-95oF, or higher, with 80-90% humidity. Due to the intense sun (you are literally on the equator) and sweat-inspiring humidity during the day, you’ll want to be mindful of dehydration and overexposure to the sun. At night the temperature drops to a comfortable 65o-75oF. Although you will be fishing in the dry season, there are occasional rain showers (you are deep inside a rainforest), so you want to have light rain jackets and rain pants with you at all times. The jungle is surprisingly friendlydue the high tannin concentration of its waters, and there are no mosquitoes here. There are, however, some no-see-ums and gnats, along with horseflies.


This jungle is surprisingly friendly due the high tannic acid concentration in its waters. Some nosee-ums and some mosquitoes may be present, but very few in our experience. As for the rest, we remind you that this is a virgin rainforest where all kinds of spiders and strange insects live. We recommend guests not go deep into the jungle, pass through dense vegetation or turn logs over, etc. We strongly recommend wearing long sleeve shirts and pants and Buff face masks during your fishing week.


The Brazilian Real is about 5 R$ per 1 U.S. dollar. Dollar bills in Brazil are only accepted in perfect condition, or new, without breaks or marks. Most places accept credit cards. We advise all anglers bringing in cash all tips, native fee and some extra money for small purchases.


We strongly suggest you contact your Credit Card company and request a new CHIPPED card for your travel in Brazil and elsewhere around the world. More and more foreign countries are switching to chipped cards, which are far more secure and more difficult to steal info from. The old magnetic stripped cards are frequently declined or do not work, leaving travelers in a very tight spot.
Regardless of the type of credit card you have, be certain to call your credit card company (800 number on the back of the card) to notify them that you will be traveling outside the country.
Once in Brazil, there are a couple of options to get Brazilian “Reals”:
1) there is an ATM machine close to the hotel, or
2) you can exchange $USD for Reals at the Hotel Concierge. Ask our hostess the best way to exchange to BRazilian Reals


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