There are many travel options to consider when flying to Manaus International Airport. There are daily flights non-stop from Miami, Panama, Lisbon, Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo to Manaus.

Plan to travel to Miami by Saturday, to connect with the flight to Manaus (MAO Airport). We suggest you arrange your flight to Miami to arrive with plenty of time to make the connecting flight to Manaus.

If you are flying from the USA, there are two nonstop daily flights from Miami (AA and TAM airlines). One departs Miami early in morning and arrives in Manaus in the early afternoon; the other flight departs Miami in the late afternoon and arrives in Manaus in the late evening. Once you arrive in Manaus International Airport, our host will be waiting for you for immediate transfer to a pleasant boutique hotel located in a very nice part of the town.


Untamed Angling will be chartering Cessna Caravan fitted with amphibious floats to directly transport guests from Manaus to the Untamed Amazon mothership, more than 500 miles from Manaus. The total flight time is a little over 3 hours each way, and the plane will usually stop in Tefé to refuel on the return trip. Each aircraft will accommodate eight anglers. The turboprop comfortable and deliver anglers directly to the heart of the fishery and the waiting mothership, avoiding the wheel-plane and boat transfer combination.

This actively-mobile fishing model, with the mothership positioned in the most productive areas of the reserve, will allow us to fish and explore the entire Rio Marié Reserve - more than 680 kilometers (425 miles) of the main river, its two major tributaries, and the dozensof lagoons and back bays. It also allows us to manage the fishery by rotating between 5 river sectors - Upper Turi, Lower Turi, Upper Marié, headwaters of Marié, and Lower Marié, all within the protected 650 kilometers of the Rio Marié Preserve.

The use of the float planes with direct access to the most productive fishing areas and the mobility of the shallow-draft Untamed Amazon will put anglers on some fantastic water that has only been explored in the past and never included in the itinerary. Quick and easyaccess to the fishing grounds and utilization of the entire fishery is the name of the game.


Brazil only requires the international visitors to carry a valid passport. 

The Brazilian visa is not necessary when traveling to Brazil for tourism. Also make certain your passport does not expire within 6 months of your trip.


A Yellow Fever Vaccination Certificate is recommended to enter any Indian Territory in Brazil but is no longer required.


We strongly recommend securing insurance that covers medical contingencies while abroad and cancel for any reason travel insurance.


Please do not bring unnecessary weight to the vessel. We use small planes for air transfers to and from the yacht and we strictly enforce weight limitations. You will be able to leave items not needed at the vessel with the hotel concierge in Manaus if you are returning to the hotel at the end of the week. We recommend this for travelling clothes, etc.

The vessel has daily laundry service, so bringing a lot of clothing is not necessary. There is a strictly-enforced 40-pound weight (in total) restriction per person for the 8 passenger Turbo-prop Cessna Caravan flights divided as follows: one 10 lb. carry-on piece of luggage and one 30 lb. checked bag soft duffle bags with no rigid bottom (except for rod cases). (If you have only one soft duffle bag it must be no bigger than: length: 30in; Width: 22in; Height: 11in in Soft duffels. NO HARD BODY LUGGAGE PLEASE.