The Rio Marié is entirely located inside a far-reaching Indian Territory, an area of more than 2 million hectares. This untouched environment has more than 800 kilometers of rivers, 180 known creeks, 60 lakes, and three major tributaries inside the new operation area

We propose to develop the Rio Marié Project as a Fly Fishing ONLY destination in order to increase the river sustainability over time. With these unique resources in our hands, we designed the whole concept of the project as a new approach to targeting trophy peacock bass on the fly. Specifically, we are changing the idea of peacock bass fishing that has been adopted by the majority of the outfitters operating in the Amazon basin, based in numbers of small – medium size fish.

Our experience developing fly fishing operations deep inside virgin jungle areas, complete with high end services and refined fishing techniques, will not only be refreshingly new to the current Amazon fly fishing scene but we are confident it will revolutionize the way sophisticated traveling anglers look at an Amazonian angling experience forever.

The Rio Marié project offers the finest operation in the Amazon jungle with professional fly-fishing guides, state-of-the-art shallow draft fly fishing skiffs, experienced managers, and international chefs who create the perfect mix of local and fine international dishes. An extensive beverage selection, fine wines and top quality service round out the signature of quality anglers have come to expect from Untamed Angling, no matter how deep into the virgin rain forest wilderness areas we explore.


The Rio Marié project is the first government sanctioned operation in Brazil developed as a joint-venture between a private enterprise and an Indian Association. The project is set up as a fly fishing destination but with heavy involvement of the indigenous tribes creating a great social responsibility concept. We work as partners with the Lower Río Negro Association of Indigenous Communities (ACIBRN) who represents the 14 communities of the area, and the Río Negro Federation of Indigenous Organizations (FOIRN), who represents all the Indian communities in the entire Río Negro basin.

The model of The Rio Marié project was based on the sustainable development of tourism programs, specializing in fly-fishing, created by Untamed Angling in our beginnings.

As in Tsimane, our native partners receive the projects benefits directly from the tourism income as well as from the jobs it provides as fishing guides, river inspectors, transportation, maintenance, maids, chef assistants and boat operators, among others. The native people also received organized job training to begin the operation during the 2014 exploratory season, a process that will be repeated yearly and shared throughout the tribes solidifying the concept of this ambitious project.

The project has a significant user fee on all visiting anglers. The funds from the fee will primarily be used for social projects, infrastructure development, transportation, and medical and education projects.
This fee represents an important step in the continuing effort to protect our ability to continue to share this amazing and unique part of the world.


The Rio Marié protected area encompasses more than 400 miles of virgin waters, boasting a ridiculously healthy population of giant trophy peacock bass. The Brazilian Institute of Environment and Renewable Natural Resources (IBAMA) has conducted numerous biological studies in the region. This research has demonstrated impressive results: The Rio Marié holds at least twice the quantity of trophy-sized peacock bass compared with any other sport fishing destination in the Rio Negro basin. For anglers, this translates into very real opportunities to consistently hook and release larger-than-average peacocks on the fly.

The Rio Marié project is developing a series of practices aimed at the protection of the Amazon forest and preserving it in the pure state in which it is today. We require all fish to be released without exceptions. Every Temensis fish caught is measured, weighted and registered in the logbook to allow us to obtain valuable data for the Biological Research Program, supervised by the Brazilian Institute for the Environment (IBAMA), to study the Rio Marié system.

The Rio Marie’s peacock bass research is a continuous monitoring activity to assure the best fishery management in years to come. The peacock bass monitoring, promoted by IBAMA and Untamed Angling, is completely new for the sport fishing industry in South American rivers and it is based on an adaptive fishery capacity study. We also work with renewable energy and promote a proper treatment of the waste in the entire fishing operation.


The project is constantly audited by the Brazilian Institute for the Environment (IBAMA), and the Brazil National Indian Foundation (FUNAI), both Brazilian Government Institutions, as well the contribution since the beginnings of the from Socio-Environmental Institute (ISA), which is one of the most important ONG in Brazil.


The vetting and selection process for this huge and exciting destination was very complicated and competitive. A committee comprised of the Brazilian government, IBAMA, and indigenous communities, entertained several proposals and finally selected our plan unanimously. The end result is that Untamed Angling has been awarded an exclusive, renewable ten-year concession on this magnificent watershed based on our reputation, resource management plan, and our history of successfully integrating the native communities into our operations.

After a thorough deliberation we have selected The Fly Shop as our exclusive North American agent, with the understanding that they would make every effort to accommodate reservation requests made through our existing angling agencies.