Rio Marié is the best destination for avid fly anglers to pursue their dream of catching true trophy peacock bass: monster fish over 20 pounds. Marié is proven to hold the most remarkable average size of all peacock bass fisheries currently known to the angling world. The features that set this river system apart from all others are its remoteness, the natural characteristics of the river, its intact and perfectly functioning ecosystem, and the level of protection inside a designated Indian Territory that is almost totally un-impacted by modern man.

Although there are more trophy peacock bass in the Rio Marié than anywhere else in the world, it remains a challenging feat – and a worthy accomplishment – to actually land one of the monster fish weighing in at over 20 pounds. Many more of these giants are hooked every week than landed, as they are powerful brutes who know how to break leaders, straighten hooks, and destroy tackle.

To honor those intrepid anglers who conquer a true trophy during their time at Rio Marié , we have created a special standing for them to be recognized: the 20 Pounder Club. Those anglers who manage to land a peacock bass over 20 pounds will receive honorary membership in the 20 Pounder Club, including a special series of hats, shirts, and notification on a new webpage displaying photos and brief big fish stories.