FISHING REPORT     Rio Marié Season 2021 Fishing Report  |  NOVEMBER 11, 2021

Overall, we had a sunny week, with the inevitable rain in the last two days.

Temperatures between: 23 and 35°C 


River Conditions:
The Turi River was at a really good water level and kept dropping during the first half of the week, while the Marie kept stable. 


Fishing Conditions:
We started the week in the higher part of the Turi River, a tributary of the Marie River, where we found perfect water conditions and had great fishing results, fishing an area that has not been touched in four years. However, the rapid drop in water on the Turi caused us to descend to avoid getting trapped in the shallow river. We finished the week on the main river which kept a stable water level and provided great fishing. 


Fishing Stats:

Number of Anglers: 12 

 Butterflies caught: 405 

 Temensis Caught: 50 

 Temensis Over 10lbs: 11 

 Temensis Over 15lbs: 13 

 Temensis Over 20lbs:


Highlight of the Week:
Our ambitious strategy to climb the Turi River to fish an area that has not been fished in 4 years proved to be successful! The several big fish landed made the risk of getting trapped very worth it!
Also, we can't forget to thank our skilled captain, who granted us a safe descent through the shallow Turi River and made sure to get us through the shallow sandbars without any trouble.

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