FISHING REPORT     Rio Marié Season 2021 Fishing Report  |  NOVEMBER 17, 2021

Weather: We had mostly overcast days with some rain.


Temperatures between: 23 and 35ºC


River Conditions: The Marié River kept rising throughout the entire week.


Fishing Conditions: We started the week in the middle part of the Marié River and descended to fish the lower part of our fishing area that had rested for quite some time, but the rising water levels made fishing challenging for the duration of the week.


Fishing Stats:

Number of Anglers: 11

Butterflies Caught: 190 

Temensis Caught: 16 

Temensis Over 10lbs:

Temensis Over 15lbs:

Temensis Over 20lbs: 0


Highlight of the Week: The anglers were not let down by the challenging conditions and showed us all their dedication in the search for the giants of the Rio Marié.