FISHING REPORT     Rio Marié Season 2021 Fishing Report  |  DECEMBER 19, 2021

Weather: We had mostly sunny days with strong rain at the beginning of the week.

Temperatures between: 21 and 41ºC

River Conditions: Turi River was rising fast while the Marié River had high but steady waters.

Fishing Conditions: We started the week at the middle section of the Turi but with the rain that fell at the beginning of the week, we went back to the Marié where we hunted for big fish in flooded areas.

Fishing Stats: Number of Anglers: 11

Peacock bass caught: 58 
Temensis Caught: 10
Temensis Over 10lbs: 0
Temensis Over 15lbs: 3
Temensis Over 20lbs: 3

Highlight of the Week: The high waters made the fishing challenging but our anglers put all their technique to work and managed to land some huge fish, showing us that even with high waters, the Marié is indeed the Rio de Gigantes.

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