NEWS     The Rio Marié Experience  |  DECEMBER 29, 2021

Here are some tips for anglers planning on joining us for some unforgettable fishing on the Marié River from our head guide, Martín Ferreyra.


"What types of flies do you recommend for peacock bass?"

Without a doubt, streamers and medium to large poppers are the flies that have give us the best results!


"Is there any fly pattern that can help catch a monster peacock bass?"

Streamers like the Fly Tiger, Peacock Cruiser, Sardine Cruiser and Clouser Minnows on # 3/0 hooks have proven very tempting to big monsters.


"What kind of fly rods and fly lines do you recommend for Rio Marié peacock bass?"

For fly rods, 8, 9, and 10 weights are perfect for fishing the Marié.

On our skiffs, we carry three rigged rods for two anglers, so we recommend having an intermediate line for the majority of the day on an 8wt.

An 8wt or 9wt rod with sinking lines for specific moments and situations throughout the day, like dredging in deep pools with heavy current.

And finally a 9wt or 10wt setup with a floating line to use for poppers!

It is very important that the lines are designed for fishing the jungle, because there can be a lot of stress on your equipment!


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