FISHING REPORT     Rio Marié 2022 Season Fishing Report | Week 8  |  OCTOBER 20, 2022

Weather: We had mostly sunny days during the whole week.

Temperatures between: 25 ºC and 40ºC


River Conditions: Water level kept dropping again. Some rocks are starting to show up in the main river.


Fishing Summary: The Marié kept dropping again. The low water levels are a major opportunity for us to learn even more about the lagoons and adapt our strategies for future fisheries and of course, to catch fish while doing so.


Fishing Stats:

Number of Anglers: 4 from Germany, 2 from France and 6 from USA.


Peacock Bass Caught: 462

Temensis Over 10lbs: 17

Temensis Over 15lbs: 9

Temensis Over 20lbs: 1



Highlights of the week:


Mark was eager to chase the big fish of the Marié. After missing some opportunities on the first few days and landing a couple of mid-sized fish, everything came together on the last day. Mark was casting from a sandbar while his partner was taking pictures of another fish, as he saw his fly disappear. The fight was on, and after doing everything he could to fight the fish, even pulling the line from under the skiff that was by the shore, Mark finally put his hands on his 20 lbs. peacock bass of the Rio Marié! Well done, Mark!

See you next week!

Rafael Marques and The Marié Guides.