FISHING REPORT     Rio Marié 2018 Season Fishing Report  |  OCTOBER 06, 2018

Week 2: Sept. 20 - 27

Weather: The weather during our second week was sunny and pretty hot most days, and we had a few showers at the end of the week, but they didn’t affect the water level. Temperatures ranged between 34–37°C.

River Conditions: Water dropped day by day but was in great condition for fishing. The Marié presented several sand beaches and good shallow water, and lagoons and lakes were in perfect condition. Jungle streams brought a good amount of water, and small jungle creeks were at a good level as well.


Fishing Conditions: Water has been dropping since the first week of this season, and the river is in a low-water condition that allows us to sight fish. Many fish were caught by sight fishing, with some fish cruising sand bars and some hanging in their nests. We could see fish in pairs whenever someone was fighting a big fish, and it was possible to have doubles by casting in front of the pair. Thus, we were able to attract and catch big fish while fighting with butterflies, due to the noise on the surface, which attracts the beasts of the river.



Fishing Stats

Number of anglers: 8

Butterflies caught: 521

Temensis caught: 58

Temensis over 10 pounds: 42

Temensis over 15 pounds: 10

Temensis over 20 pounds: 7


Highlight of the Week: We had many opportunities to hook giant peacock bass by sight fishing in their nests or when they approached butterflies in battle.