PRESS     Looking Back at a Feature in Fly Fisherman Magazine  |  MAY 29, 2017

Fly-Fisherman John Sherman is one of the fishiest anglers out there, and he craves unique off-the-grid fly fishing experiences. For John, a visit to Rio?Mari? was certainly right up his alley. John loved fly fishing the?Rio?Mari?, and he was able to put forward some great video content from his trip (as we have previously noted). In addition, John's experience led to a cover story in Fly Fisherman Magazine. In the article, John refers to peacock bass as the "junkyard dogs of the jungle" and notes that, "They?ll attack any perceived intruder, destroy your fly, and pull harder than any bass you?ve ever dreamed of. If you give them an inch of line, they?ll take 20 feet and head right back into deep cover. This explosive hand-to-hand combat leaves fly fishers with line burns, elevated heart rates, shredded fly lines, and broken hooks." For those who visit?Rio?Mari?, this experience of "explosive" fly fishing cannot be denied. There is nothing like it.

To read John Sherman's story in Fly Fisherman, click HERE.