FISHING REPORT     Rio Marié 2019 Season Fishing Report  |  OCTOBER 06, 2019

Rio Marié 2019 Season Fishing Report
September 27 - October 3, 2019

 The weather was very warm throughout the week with a few strong showers and overcast days. Temperatures ranged between 30º–34ºC.

River Conditions: The water levels continue to slowly drop, and water temperatures remain stable.

Fishing Conditions: The fishing conditions were very good. We started the week at the confluence of the Marie and Turi rivers before working our way up. We ultimately decided to stay in areas near the confluence and move around the systems in our skiffs. In order to optimize fishing times and experiences, we camped on the riverbank about four hours away from the mothership. This approach brought outstanding results!

Fishing Stats:

Number of anglers: 7
Butterflies caught: 344
Temensis caught: 32
Temensis over 10lbs: 15
Temensis over 15lbs: 12
Temensis over 20lbs: 5

Highlight of the Week: The low water levels allowed for some great sight fishing for Temensis peacock bass. It’s always exciting to watch these fish strike!