FISHING REPORT     Rio Marié 2019 Season Fishing Report  |  NOVEMBER 13, 2019

Rio Marié 2019 Season Fishing Report
November 1-7

We had warm weather throughout the week, as well as some showers and overcast days. Temperatures ranged between 26-32ºC.

River Conditions: The water levels dropped slightly, and some sunny days helped increase fish activity. As a result, we had some great days on the water. We began the week at the confluences of the Marie and the Turi and descended downstream until we reached an area called CEUA — a spot close to the eastern limit of the exclusive fishing zone.


Fishing Stats:

Number of anglers: 10
Butterflies caught: 286
Temensis caught: 36
Temensis over 10lbs: 7
Temensis over 15lbs: 5
Temensis over 20lbs: 1

Highlight of the Week:
Ultimately fishing is not just about the fish. And while we caught some great fish throughout the week, highlights also included experiencing some breathtaking landscapes in this area of the Amazon as well as culinary delights aboard the Untamed Amazon.