FISHING REPORT     Rio Marié 2019 Season Fishing Report  |  12, 2019

Weather: The weather during the week was mostly sunny with some rain, mostly in the afternoon. Temperatures ranged between 34-37°C.

River Conditions: The water level in the Rio Marié River remained high during the week, which flooded the lagoons and made river bank access scarce. The creeks and streams pushed a lot of water into the river, keeping the main river high.

Fishing Conditions: Finding big fish was tough, and a lot of work was required. However, we often find that tough weeks further highlight what an incredible fishery this is for giant peacock bass. We found some giant fish, including a nice 21-pound peacock caught on the very first day. Some butterfly schools were found as well, which guaranteed a lot of fun on the water. To increase our chances of success with the big fish, good casting and presentations were important, especially over those little empty spots deep in the bushes where the giants were ambushing prey.


Fishing Stats: 

Number of anglers: 7
Butterflies caught: 55 
Temensis caught: 26 
Temensis over 10 pounds: 2 
Temensis over 15 pounds: 6 
Temensis over 20 pounds: 4

Highlight of the Week: Despite tough fishing conditions, we caught some giant. A remarkable 23-pound fish was landed by our good friend Edward, and a 24-pound giant was caught by Rafael from Brazil. It seems you can always catch giants in these waters — no matter the conditions.