Rio Marié 2016 Mid-Season Report – September/October

Like many anglers fishing the Amazon this year, the fly anglers destined for the Rio Marié have been met with higher than normal water, but that sure isn’t reflected in the results as 44 fly fishermen in those six weeks have landed an amazing number of trophy temensis:

124 fish that weighed more than 10 pounds were caught and released in those six weeks. 56 of those fish were more than 15 pounds, and 42 trophies were more than 20 pounds. Included in that tally is one amazing (93 cm.) fish that tipped the scales at 28.5 pounds and rates as the largest peacock ever landed on a fly rod!



Rio Marié is not just about being a giant peacock bass game. In total, anglers landed in 1,387 fish in six weeks.


It is only the third season of government and native authorized operations on the river, and the guides continue to learn more about the fishery each week. They report the discovery of new lagoons on nearly every trip, and this is the first season that much of almost 300 miles of the Marié tributaries have been explored.

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The mobility of the luxury mothership and access to those more stable tributaries have been credited as the solution to the unseasonable water levels that have plagued many of the other Rio Negro Basin fisheries in September and October.