Holy Grail! This is Fly Magazine Cover Features Largest Peacock Bass Caught on a Fly Rod

Rio Marié and Untamed Angling is pleased to be featured in the newest issue of This is Fly Magazine. And to add, the peacock bass feature story is also the cover photo.

In the new issue, guest and angler Florian Kaiser offers a feature article that details his experience of fly fishing Rio Marié and catching the largest peacock bass every recorded on a fly rod. Florian’s article, “The Holy Grail,” includes his own photography as well as photos from Breno Ballesteros Rezende.

In addition to great photography, the article goes into detail about everything from aspects of the fishery to strategies to the fine cooking to be enjoyed aboard Untamed Amazon. The pursuit of giant peacock bass (GPB) at Rio Marié is unlike anything else in the world, and the new article from Florian truly captures much of the experience. Well, done!

Read the story at: This is Fly Magazine