Rio Marié Featured in the New Issue of Fly Fisherman Magazine

Fly Fisherman Rodrigo

The new issue of Fly Fisherman Magazine is on newsstands, and we are pleased to see that Rio Marié appears several times in the magazine.

Editor Ross Purnell will be visiting Rio Marié in November, and leading up to the trip, he is already looking forward to seeing the relationship Untamed Angling has with the tribal communities in the region. This relationship we have is at the heart of what we do, and we are happy to see Purnell give attention to the fact that the collaboration with the tribe has led to numerous social benefits for these people. We are very proud of how fees paid by visiting anglers have such a beneficial impact on the tribes.

In addition to this piece by Ross Purnell, it is great to see Rodrigo Salles in a section that highlights the “heavyweight peacocks” of Rio Marié. It is an honor to be receiving so much great press over a relatively short amount of time. This only speaks to what an extraordinary fly fishing destination Rio Marié is.

Fly Fisherman Ross