Monster Peacock Bass with Sustainability at the Heart

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Rio Marié is a unique story.

The Rio Marié Project is something very special. What has emerged from this Untamed Angling venture is about fishing but also sustaining a culture and an ecosystem.

First: The Fishing

The Rio Marié is arguably the best peacock bass fishing in the Amazon.

How can this claim be made?

Scientific research has found that there are more double digit peacock bass at Rio Marié than any other river in Brazil or the Amazon. And as anglers are scientists in their own right, we are happy to concur! We encounter 10+ pound fish frequently, and we even have anglers join the Marié 20 Pounder Club. We have also more than 500 miles of exclusive access to the only catch-and-release “fly fishing” river in a part of the world where rivers in Rio Negro Basin are often shared by several fishing operations.

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Second: The Relationship

We have a unique relationship with 15 indigenous communities.

The Marié Project is the first project in the Brazilian Amazon that involves a partnership between a private company and the indigenous communities with the support of the Brazilian Government.

The indigenous communities of upper Rio Negro built the Rio Marié Project, where they chose the best company to work on sport fishing tourism in their river. Because of this, we have access to protected areas and to some of the best experts available. Each boat has two guides: an experienced bilingual fly fishing guide and a native guide who brings ancient knowledge of these waters. We are proud to partner with the people who call the region home.

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Third: Sustainability

By providing a new sustainable project to the Local Indigenous Association and for the members of the indigenous communities, we help them keep their culture alive. Because of our relationship, the native people will be less likely to leave their communities for income or to allow invasive or destructive businesses into the region. The income from fishing tourism allows the communities to maintain their style and standard of living while also improving their quality of life. Because the ecosystem is critical to their culture and for tourism incomes, the indigenous communities protect the environment so it can endure.

Fees for access to fish the Rio Marié have generated more than $200,000 for the native communities to be used schools, for clean sources of energy, transportation, and potable water.

Every year, anglers who fish the Rio Marié are building a future for these communities while protecting a treasured ecosystem.