The Rio Marié: Home to Giant Peacock Bass


There is no question that the Rio Marié is a special fly fishing destination. The Amazon alone suggests adventure, and when you consider the remoteness, the unique fish species, and the native cultures, this region has more to offer than one can ever imagine. With the exclusivity and protections of the Rio Marié, you could argue that this destination represents some of the best of what the Amazon has to offer.

For many, one of the most attractive aspects of the Rio Marié is the giant peacock bass (or GPB as we call them). And we hold there is no better place in the world to catch double digit peacocks. Several scientific studies found that no destination has been discovered with so many large peacock bass. The average size of the Temensis peacock bass on the Rio Marié more than 10 pounds, and there are an impressive number of fish recorded at more than 15 pounds. Furthermore, these studies and our experience on the water has found there are more fish weighing more than 20 pounds than anywhere else in the entire Amazon Negro Basin or the world.

In 2016 alone, anglers landed 65 fish that weighed more than 20 pounds and 135 fish between 15 and 20 pounds. What’s more, Florian Kaiser famously landed the new world record fly caught peacock bass — a fish that almost beat the all tackle IFGA world record. There is nothing like this place!

We are presently booking for the 2017 season. Come check out the now world-famous Rio Marié!