World Class Fly Fishing for Peacock Bass on the Horizon

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Untamed Angling couldn’t be more excited about the season ahead at Rio Marie.

The 2016 season was impacted by the “El Nino” climate phenomenon that affected the entire Negro River basin and its tributaries. The abnormal weather brought inconstant water levels that gave us some challenges to navigate. However, despite less than ideal water, we had a banner season.

In addition to the world record fly caught peacock bass (28,5 pounds), we outdid 2015 when it came to fish landed that were more than 24 pounds. We also had strong average numbers of fish landed per day and impressive numbers of double digit fish caught.

Considering how strong 2016 was, the 2017 season couldn’t come fast enough. In addition to knowing these waters better than ever, it looks like we will have great water conditions. And with the mothership and skiffs, we will have vast amounts of water to fish for giant peacock bass!

We hope you can join us for our upcoming 2017 season at the most incredible peacock bass fishery in the Amazon. It is at Rio Marie that we not only have giant fish, but we encounter lots of explosive action in a world class destination with a team of experienced pro guides, Indian guides, luxury accommodations, and easy logistics. This is the time to visit Rio Marie!