Rio Marié: The Ultimate Peacock Bass Destination with the Best Gear

RM gear 3

It’s well established at this point that there is no destination quite like Rio Marié. In addition to the off-the-grid locale deep in the heart of the Amazon, we are lucky we can pursue one of the ultimate freshwater species — the peacock bass.

Peacock bass can certainly put an angler’s gear to the test, and with Rio Marié being home to largest peacock bass in the world, these fish demand the highest performing gear. If for some reason your equipment isn’t up to the task of tackling the largest peacock bass in the world or you suffer catastrophic failure of your fly outfit, rest assure Untamed Angling has you covered and can provide you loaner gear and at no cost. Our loaner equipment is high performance, state-of-the-art gear that is purposely built to withstand these awesome game fish.

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Peacock bass are large, hard-fighting, acrobatic fish with so much girth and body mass that they put up a heck of a fight, and often times, anglers need to make distance casts with big flies. That said, we have proudly participated in the research and design for rods and lines that uniquely match the needs of jungle anglers.

RM gear 2

In collaboration with Winston Rods, we have been a big part of the creation of the Boron III Plus Jungle Rods — a lineup of three models that perfectly fill a void in gear for the jungle. We are also pleased to have helped in the formation of the Scientific Anglers Sonar Titan Jungle Clear Tip Fly Line — a line that is designed to deliver big flies to far targets. And finally, the Nautilus Reels CCF-X2 is a reliable reel that will put the brakes on everything from world record peacock bass to monster arapaima.

When it comes to equipping anglers for the ultimate jungle species, we proudly offer the best gear in the game!