Rio Marié 2017 Season Fishing Report – Week 1 – Sept. 14-21

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Rio Marié
2017 Season
Fishing Report – Week 1 – Sept. 14-21

Weather:  The weather in our first week was sunny and hot during the first two days, then a storm came and brought down temperatures, making it overcast for two days. The last two days were really sunny and hot again.

Temperatures: between 25 and 35C.

River Conditions: We started our season with really low water which is perfect for fishing. The Marié offered several sand beaches and good shallow water, and the lagoons and lakes were also in perfect condition. Some tributaries dropped fast water, making for fun fishing for the paca or speckled peacock bass. Other small jungle creeks were too low. During the week, the water raised 20cms, which was good, as it kept the river from getting too low.

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Fishing Conditions: Perfect fishing conditions at the beginning of the week with lots of big fish action, especially on poppers. Some monsters were hooked and lost that broke leaders or got off before we could see them. And in addition to large fish, we had days of 20+ fish per angler!

When the temperatures dropped and the sun was lost for two days, fish got lazy. We had ideal sight fishing conditions for big fish in the lakes, but some were refusing the flies. By the end of the week fishing got crazy again and anglers had excellent fishing in the mouth of jungle creeks and lagoons.

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Fishing Stats:

Number of Anglers: 4
Total Peacocks Caught: 329
Temensis Caught: 75
Temensis over 15lbs: 12

Highlight of the Week: Amazing giant peacocks taking poppers! Mike Shook caught a 22-pound monster fish on a popper in the mouth of Ceua Lake.