Rio Marié 2018 Season Fishing Report – Week 4 – Oct. 4-11

Rio Marié

2018 Season

Fishing Report – Week 4 – Oct 4–11

Amazing father and sons week at Rio Marié!

Weather:It was rainy at the beginning of our fifth week, but it was pretty nice most days. We also had a few showers in the middle of the week, with some heavy rain at the headwaters, which affected the water level.Temperatures ranged between 34–36°C.

River Conditions:The water dropped each day, but the level/conditions  were pretty good for fishing. The Marié presented several sand beaches and good shallow water, and most of lagoons and lakes were in very good condition. Jungle streams brought a good amount of water, and small jungle creeks had good levels as well. Water levels increased with the heavy rain of the last day.

Fishing Conditions: The water has been dropping since the first week of this season, leaving the water low and allowing us to sight fish in some areas. We were able to “hunt” in some nesting places. Catching butterflies gave us the opportunity to attract the big ones that came in to inspect the noise from the water splashing.

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Fishing Stats

Number of anglers: 6
Butterflies caught: 357
Temensis caught: 63
Temensis over 10 pounds: 43
Temensis over 15 pounds: 15
Temensis over 20 pounds: 7

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Highlight of the Week: Ben “the beast” Furimsky got four temensis over 20 pounds. Congrats Ben!