Rio Marié 2018 Season Fishing Report – Week 5 – Oct. 11-18

Rio Marié
2018 Season
Fishing Report – Week 5 – Oct. 11–18


Rio Marié is the perfect peacock bass destination for couples. The 5thweek was “Couples Week” at Rio Marié.

Weather: During our fifth week, most of the days were rainy, with a few showers and pretty heavy rain at the headwaters, which affected the water levels.Temperatures ranged between 33–36°C.

peacock bass fly fishing Rio Marie peacock bass

River Conditions: The river levels rose day after day, but we still had sand beaches and good access to lakes. The streams provided cooler water than the main river.

Fishing Conditions: The river was still pretty low, with water levels rising. This made fishing for butterflies slow. Most of the big fish we caught were from blind casting, but this didn’t make things any less fun.

peacock bass fly fishing Brazil peacock bass

Fishing Stats

Number of anglers: 8
Butterflies caught: 228
Temensis caught: 33
Temensis over 10 pounds: 17
Temensis over 15 pounds: 9
Temensis over 20 pounds: 7

Highlight of the Week: Mark and Steven caught three fish that were nearly 20 pounds on the same day!