Rio Marié 2018 Season Fishing Report – Week 8 – Nov. 1-8

Rio Marié
2018 Season
Fishing Report – Week 8 – Nov. 1–8

Weather: The weather was pretty normal for the Amazon rainforest during our eighth week of the 2018 season. Aside from the first day, which was cloudy and rainy, it was mostly sunny every day, with some periods of afternoon showers.

Temperatures ranged between 33–35°C.

River Conditions: We started the week with the water levels going down, but by the second day, they rose a bit after some rain in the headwaters. By the end of the week, the river started dropping, and the fishing conditions started to improve.

 Week8_marie_ok1 Week8_MarieOk2

Fishing Conditions: As the water levels rose on the second day, the fishing was slow. On the third day, we moved down river and found much better conditions, especially because the water was coming down some.

Fishing Stats

Number of anglers: 8
Butterflies caught: 345
Temensis caught: 42
Temensis over 10 pounds: 24
Temensis over 15 pounds: 13
Temensis over 20 pounds: 5

Highlight of the Week: Poppers and topwater flies were not as productive as they had been, and we found streamers were the most effective flies.We had one surubi on the fly, and our leaders were no match for some amazing giant peacock bass. All anglers were persistent, which made this another fantastic week with some really big fish landed! The biggest catch of the week, landed by Christian, was a 24-pound monster!

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