Rio Marié 2019 Season Fishing Report – September 5-12, 2019

Rio Marié 2019 Season Fishing Report
September 5-12, 2019

Weather: The weather this week was warm with some overcast days and one rainy day. Temperatures ranged from 32-35ºC.
River Conditions: The water has been dropping slowly. Water levels were low on the Turi River, and we mostly went upstream on the Rio Marie from the mothership.

Fishing Conditions: The fishing conditions over the course of the week were about as good as they get. We had many options for great fishing, and most of our fishing was around the beaches. Some lagoons had low water levels, which allowed us to fish at the mouths of the lagoons. We also fished deep water to find the giants. Also, many shallow water nests held giant peacock bass.

Fishing Stats:

Number of anglers: 8

Butterflies caught: 265
Temensis caught: 38
Temensis over 10lbs: 8
Temensis over 15lbs: 3
Temensis over 20lbs: 6


Highlight of the Week: The opportunities for sight fishing were a highlight of the week! With a well-placed cast, anglers had opportunities to catch true trophy fish. On the last day, Cassio (from Brazil) caught a huge 90cm, 23-pound temensis by sight fishing. What an experience!