Rio Marié 2019 Season Fishing Report – September 20-26, 2019

Rio Marié 2019 Season Fishing Report
Week 5: September 20-26

Weather: The weather was very warm throughout the week, and we had a few showers and overcast days. Temperatures ranged between 33-36ºC.

River Conditions: The water continues to slowly drop, and the water temperatures have been stable.

Meredith McCord bass Meredith McCord peacock bass

Fishing Conditions: We had great fishing conditions over the course of the week. We started the week on the lower section of the Marie and fished to the confluence of the Turi and the Rio Marie. On day three we offered our guests the option to camp for a night on the upper part of the Turi. Three anglers took advantage of the opportunity and had some excellent fishing.

Fishing Stats:

Number of anglers: 11

Butterflies caught: 295
Temensis caught: 46
Temensis over 10lbs: 8
Temensis over 15lbs: 6
Temensis over 20lbs: 5

Highlight of the Week: Meredith McCord and Julia Bell visited us with the hopes of earning some new world records. The Marie is an exceptional fishery, and the anglers established five world records for cichla oriconences and temensisspecies!

peacock bass fly fishing peacock bass streamer