Season 2016 news

News for 2016 Season

Most significant of 2016 season’s changes is that instead of using a fixed wheel-plane landing site in combination with a transfer boat, Untamed Angling will be chartering two Cessna Caravans fitted with amphibious floats to directly transport guests from Manaus to the Untamed Amazon mothership. Each aircraft will accommodate six anglers with plenty of room for their fishing gear. The turboprop aircraft are comfortable and deliver anglers directly to the heart of the fishery and the waiting mothership, avoiding the wheel-plane and boat transfer combination. The private charter flight to the Rio Marie, is approximately 3:30hs flight duration depending the position of Untamed Amazon mothership.
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This actively-mobile fishing model, with the mothership positioned in the most productive areas of the reserve, will allow us to fish and explore the entire Rio Marié Reserve – more than 680 kilometers (425 miles) of the main river, its two major tributaries, and the dozens of lagoons and back bays.
The use of the two float planes with direct access to the most productive fishing areas and the mobility of the shallow-draft Untamed Amazon will put anglers on some fantastic water that has only been explored in the past and never included in the itinerary. Quick and easy access to the fishing grounds and utilization of the entire fishery is the name of the game for 2016.